IRS Tax Director General WSOP Poker Tournament Winner

Latest Poker News is about Joe Mckeehen who recently won the world poker tournaments World Series Main Event Poker (WSOP). Joe Mckeehen pocketed the prize winnings of 7.7 Million US Dollars. Joe scored a victory in the final game on Sunday, November 8, at least that’s what people see.

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Based on data from the organizer Joe is the first winner by bringing in 7.7 million US Dollars. Here is a chronological list of the winners Lapakqq of the WSOP poker tournament along with the gifts they Boyong.

Sequence Name Gift Before Cut After Cut Taxes Gift Tax

1 Joe McKeehen $ 7,683,346 $ 4,297,394
2 Josh Beckley $ 4,470,896 $ 2,389,177
3 Neil Blumenfield $ 3,398,298 $ 1,805,764
4 Max Steinberg $ 2,615,361 $ 1,543,306
5 Ofer Zvi Stern $ 1,911,423 $ 1,011,317
6 Thomas Cannuli $ 1,426,283 $ 785.996
7 Pierre Neuville $ 1,203,293 $ 1,203,293
8 Federico Butteroni $ 1,097,056 $ 571.566
9 Patrick Chan $ 1,001,020 $ 545.614

It escapes the attention of the people are who actually brought the money after the biggest poker tournament? Is not pemboyong money on the table is the size of a major championship winners of tournament poker? Pemboyong biggest money? Apparently based on information obtained Poker News there are “players” who do not photographed or mentioned in the list above that the DGT US officials called the IRS.

IRS officer who served on its behalf Internal Revenue Service to bring money on that day amounted to 8.6 million US dollars in taxes from each prize to the winner-9. No half-hearted, that reward the players cut from 36% – 50%, instantly! Joe was actually so has about 4.2 million US dollars in hand. Many public does not know this and they certainly can not count the piles of money at his desk. Congratulations on this poker playing strategies.

So this time Poker News will not congratulate Joe Mckeehen but to the United States because the IRS has become the winner of the WSOP Poker Domino 99 tournament championship with a total of 8.6 million US Dollars Gift ^, ^ !.

So the latest Poker News with the title of Director General of Taxes IRS WSOP Poker Tournament Winner.